Went To A Shrink Yesterday

From: Bonnie L. (babyblu030@aol.com)
Thu Aug 2 22:28:06 2001

Well, I was fighting and fighting until I got so scared. I was refered to a Psychologist. I told him that I was having such a difficult time dealing with my day in and day out in pain. I was scaring myself because I had some very scary thoughts. Which is not like me. I told him that I was definitley nt myself and didn't know who I was anymore. He told me that there has to be a common ground that I have and I have to focus on the pain going away not taking over my life. Hahaha I thought that was funny, because that is what this pain has done, taken over my life. I feel alittle better, am glad I talked with somebody. Thanks for lettin me vent! Bon

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