Re: Went To A Shrink Yesterday

From: marianne bolding (
Fri Aug 3 14:50:17 2001

Ask that shrink how you can make the "physical" pain go away by "mentally" thinking it away if you are not a symptomatic person. Tell him you DO know who you are and that this isn't normal for you. You are not symptomatic...and if anything assure him that you've been telling yourself the pain doesn't exist and doing things to ignore it and it doesn't go away. I think the doctor focused in on "I'm scaring myself and don't know who I am anymore." I did the same thing in the beginning...It wasn't until I expressed that I know it's real and not symptomatic or internal fears, and that I do have a sense of knowing what my life was like before pain...that they took me seriously. My biggest fear was actually that the longer the doctors took to see what was wrong with me...the worse my condition would/could get. And that happens alot to many people. Where oh where are the "Patch Adams" of the world? Instead of adding compassion...doctors seem to add more insecurities. You'd swear they were lawyers in disguise arguing their case. LOL Don't let them the sense of knowing who you are...only you know what's normal for you. If your pain keeps up..don't stop fighting! My best to you...Marianne --- "Bonnie L." <> wrote: > Well, I was fighting and fighting until I got so
> scared. I was refered
> to a Psychologist. I told him that I was having
> such a difficult time
> dealing with my day in and day out in pain. I was
> scaring myself
> because I had some very scary thoughts. Which is
> not like me. I told
> him that I was definitley nt myself and didn't know
> who I was anymore.
> He told me that there has to be a common ground that
> I have and I have
> to focus on the pain going away not taking over my
> life. Hahaha I
> thought that was funny, because that is what this
> pain has done, taken
> over my life.
> I feel alittle better, am glad I talked with
> somebody. Thanks for
> lettin me vent!
> Bon

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