Re: GIDGE: Re: GP feels adhesions are back , how do I get gyn

From: toni welsh (
Thu Aug 2 22:20:48 2001

At Thu, 02 Aug 2001, Nancy E. Hale wrote: >
>Hi Gidge:
>Welcome to sanity and knowledge.
>[] Omentum..."The omentum is a loose fold of the membrane ( peritoneum )
>that hangs from the stomach and covers the front of the intestines. It
>protects the intestines and helps to seal any damage to the intestinal
>wall, thus helping to prevent infection."
>This is a direct quote from a post by Helen Dynda. If you browse through
>the archives, any post with her name on it is almost guaranteed to answer a
>question or two, or at least point you in the right direction to get answers.
>As for dealing with your gynecologist, I'm not sure what to tell you on
>that point. My gynecologist is the one who did the exploratory lap and
>found adhesions when he was looking for endo. He did lyse some of the
>adhesions, but did not feel comfortable dealing with the ones involving the
>bowel and omentum.
>I'm sure one of us here will have some suggestions for you. We are a very
>helpful and supportive group.
>Pain-free days.
>Nancy in NB
>ICQ #9683431

When the surgeon did my surgery, he removed the omentum, and you say here that it protects the bowel. I am confused!!


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