hello I'm back! Thank You Marrianne for myupdates!

From: Colette (luckylady379@aol.com)
Thu Aug 2 09:43:53 2001

Hey well the baby is back to normal yaaa! But now i'm not~ i was up on and off all night going to the toliet yuk now my butt hurts from going so much i assume and my tummy is all crampy booohooo~~~! This feels like my Ibs i think! And now my but is burning hemmorriods i assume! Well it feels so good to talk about my poop problem LOL!!! god bless this board!!! MarianneB has been wonderful for me she has kept everyone posted she is a really sweet person! I think i did to much yesterday i got in a really bad mood with the kids my house needed a good cleaning and i did it but now i'm paying for it! When will i learn! Well friday we should have our new insurance cards yaa i made it i think today i'll call a dr office to straighten out my poop and pain problem but where do i start? Do i go to a gasteronoligist? Or do i go to a pain dr? back to gyn? HELP i'm confused? well today is going to be movie day since we rented 3 of them and i need to rest my achy body my lower back is killing me! But i was bad girl i moved some furniture!*spank me* LOL!!!! Well i wish everyone a painfree day Love Colette

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