Re: hello I'm back! Thank You Marrianne for myupdates!

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 2 23:15:52 2001

Sorry to hear about your night Collette...Now what... constipation for two days? LOL I hate that back and forth stuff. I think this metamucil and fiber increase is helping my bowels move. My intestine does this moving thing...I'd swear it wants to jump out of my's a strange feeling the way things move around in there. It's like a heart beat when you push on it. It pulses. It's been doing that ever since surgeory. My abdominal pains feel alot less today. I passed one hour after I woke..nice looking stool (yes, I'm complimenting my stool)...then the squiggly stuff the next four passes. All done by 10AM...used to take me till 2PM. Funny the things that make us feel good, huh? Hope the baby "still" feels good. And I hope your butt gets better. ha ha ha ha LOL Love Ya sweetie, Marianne --- Colette <> wrote: > Hey well the baby is back to normal yaaa! But now
> i'm not~ i was up on
> and off all night going to the toliet yuk now my
> butt hurts from going
> so much i assume and my tummy is all crampy
> booohooo~~~! This feels like
> my Ibs i think! And now my but is burning
> hemmorriods i assume! Well it
> feels so good to talk about my poop problem LOL!!!
> god bless this
> board!!!
> MarianneB has been wonderful for me she has kept
> everyone posted she is
> a really sweet person!
> I think i did to much yesterday i got in a really
> bad mood with the kids
> my house needed a good cleaning and i did it but now
> i'm paying for it!
> When will i learn!
> Well friday we should have our new insurance cards
> yaa i made it i think
> today i'll call a dr office to straighten out my
> poop and pain problem
> but where do i start? Do i go to a gasteronoligist?
> Or do i go to a pain
> dr? back to gyn? HELP i'm confused?
> well today is going to be movie day since we rented
> 3 of them and i need
> to rest my achy body my lower back is killing me!
> But i was bad girl i
> moved some furniture!*spank me* LOL!!!!
> Well i wish everyone a painfree day Love
> Colette

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