Re: Machivellian

From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 1 22:38:01 2001

Thanks Sally, I was the one who asked. Makes perfect sense to use that adjective to my problems with politics at work...thanks for explaining what machiavellian meant. Love, Marianne Good luck with the camera crew. --- Sally Grigg <> wrote: > Probably no one wants to know but Machiavellian
> refers to an Italian
> "statesman" , politician, Chancellor who lived from
> 1469 to 1527 in Florence.
> He was known for plotting big, bad schemes to get
> what he wanted - power and
> money. He wrote many books on how to be
> successfully evil (my words, not
> his). And I used it in the context of some office
> politics that one of us was
> having to endure. It's actually a great word. Love
> , Sally

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