Re: CONSTIPATION...a Dr. replies to questions about constipation.

From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 1 22:52:05 2001

I'm confused...I'm reading the Metamucil I have and it states right on it 2.4 gms. of soluble fiber in the form of psyllium's orange flavor. 5gms. total 2.6 gms are insoluble. It looks and smells like cream of wheat. However, this doctor says it doesn't have soluble fiber.???? Marianne --- Helen Dynda <> wrote: > [] Constipation
> []> The following comments were made by a Dr. who
> answers questions on a bulletin board at this site:
> You will NOT have to live with the constipation for
> the rest of your life!
> Just for starters, the metamucil / mineral oil
> mechanism is totally separate from your causes and
> would work if you only had a plastic tube from your
> stomach to your anus. Neither are absorbed and the
> movements will be totally dependent upon the amount
> you end up using.
> Also, be sure to remember that the metamucil /
> mineral oil is just a way to stop the constipation.
> In no way should it be considered a cure. The other
> things you are doing (SR, power walking and the
> diet) are the things that will eventually resolve
> the causes. You MAY have to continue SOME metamucil
> & mineral oil for the rest of your life -- even when
> the causes are dealt with (though probably not);
> but that would be a small price to pay to avoid
> getting back into your initial condition.
> ~ ~ ~ ~
> >
> Remember that there are many kinds of fiber and each
> kind does a different thing. For your purposes,
> think soluble and insoluble.
> Personally, I take at least 1/2 cup of psyllium
> (insoluble)in the form of Equate, no sugar, fiber
> (Walmart) twice a day. I put it in a pint jar with
> a lid and add water to fill. It is then immediately
> shaken vigorously and chugged. My diabetes is
> finally paralysing the smooth muscle of my colon
> which is why I need so much.
> For ANYONE, the correct dose is whatever produces
> the size and consistancy of stool desired. More is
> being learned every week about the benefits of the
> different kinds of fiber. Most printed material has
> to be out of date as soon as it is printed.
> ~ ~ ~ ~
> First, let's solve the stool problem. Go to the
> home page of this 'site and do what it says about
> getting your stools easy to move and not painful.
> Next, as I have harped about for years, NO ONE
> supposed to be offered to you by the pharmacist).
> If you go back where you got the Naproxen (with your
> bottle) the pharmacist would be glad to give you a
> copy.
> OR, you could go to your library & ask the reference
> librarian to look up the same information in the PDR
> for you to read. You will soon find out that your
> Naproxen is likely causing a lot of your
> constipation.
> Finally, the entire picture, as described by your
> symptoms, is one of a basic cause contributing to
> all of your symptoms. You need to go beyond
> treating your symptoms to actually learning about
> your causes & doing something about them

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