Re: Brown rice/constipation

From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 1 22:29:01 2001

I think that it does cause problems for some...but, in general, healthy people, eat this as a means of promoting healthy bowels...low fat and low cholesterol. It causes problems more for those who have problems digesting grains. I'm determined to try to get at least 16 gms. of fiber a day for at least 3 weeks...if it doesn't help regulate my bowels...I will try a different diet. I have this phobia that if I don't get even close to the recommended daily allowance of fiber...(20-25gms) that over time...the bowels will break down. Yes, I bloat and constipate...but, I'm still going to stick with it for a while. Even using metamucil...and lots of water. If it doesn't work I'll try some other diet. Love, Marianne --- Sally Grigg <> wrote: > I may be wrong but I think brown rice is hard to
> digest and contributes
> to constipation. Do we have any experts willing to
> take a try at finding
> out? It just feels that way to me. Love you all,
> Sally

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