Re: Marianne: Veggies

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 2 01:03:55 2001

I used to have a garden...yes, in the desert. shade cloth it when it hits the 100's. I've only grown peas, green beans (bush variety), squash, cucumber, tomatoes do well here...lettuce does not. Green peppers and anaheim chili peppers and cayene peppers I did well with. carrots and radish, too. I love sunflowers...I gave up my garden and got into flowers and perennials for the desert...I also want it in a new year...maybe. It's so hard to remodel inside and keep up with the outside and work. My husband hates doing all of the, I'm on my own with these. I love spinach with vinegar...But, I've never had it fresh and cooked...only canned...I like the mushiness. I have been buying it raw though for salads and eat good healthy stuff. You're garden sounds beautiful...especially with your weather over there...and the soil. Our soil is very caliche...and sandy (obviously). The key here to a good garden is bed preparation...I'd suppose it is the key to any garden. How big is your plot? How into it are you? Do you rotate crops? Do you plant flowers, too? I get seeds from France to experiment with...I have a sister there. Half the stuff ends up being american flowers with a french name. Oillet de poet ended up being dianthus,'s funny. You don't know what you get till it comes up. C'est la vie. Love, Marianne --- "Nancy E. Hale" <> wrote: > God, I'm starting to eat like a rabbit!!! I go to
> the garden to get
> veggies for supper and end up eating almost as many
> raw as I do after
> they're cooked *grin* It's really hard trying to
> get beans ready to cook -
> the little ones always seem to end up in my mouth;
> same for peas and carrots.
> I boil my chard - it can be left as a whole leaf or
> "sliced" across the
> leaf if you prefer. It doesn't take long, just
> until it is tender to a
> fork and kind of folds over the fork when you try to
> pick it up. Serve it
> up with butter and a touch of vinegar. Taste -
> hmmmm - have you ever eaten
> spinach or fiddle heads? Kind of similar.
> I've never eaten kale, and all my cookbooks are
> still packed, so I can't
> give you any ideas right now. Remind me in about a
> month when I've
> finished unpacking my kitchen *grin*.
> Good eating!
> Nancy in NB
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