Re: Frustrated to the Nth degree

From: joanne Thorpe (
Wed Aug 1 10:23:53 2001

Dear frustrated, I know how awful it is as I also had a nerve stuck in my abdomen in a suture sight. Although many doctors could pinpoint it and name it they offered no sulution for me! None except pain control. Thats where research comes in. Our doctors really don't know that much or are they willing to take the time to learn about people like us who are a problem. If there is money in the research then lots gets done as with aids and cancer but these little known problems that result from surgery are a bother. You will have to turn to God for wisdom in all your decisions and also to this sight as well as books and then become your own doctor. You decide if you want to be on pain meds and then insist that someone put you on if you cannot live a normal life. But we have this sight and there is so much information. Good luck. Joanne

At Tue, 31 Jul 2001, wrote: >
>Has anyone ever been able to get all their doctors to agree on a method
>of treatment for pain management?? The Primary Care sends me to a pain
>specialist, he in turn sends me to another because my kind of pain is
>not his speciality. From there, additional paperwork & medical history
>must be updated from all the doctors and I find myself spinning my
>wheels while they get their collective heads together. In the meanwhile
>I am still in pain and running very low on patience, time & money. Any
>ideas on how to get them all together?


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