Re: Helen C.- Oxycontin -anyone losing weight?????

From: Janet Karam (
Wed Aug 1 01:38:50 2001

Dear Helen C.,

I heard peanut butter & jelly sandwiches help for weight gain....rather yummy.

With snacking, and that good old feeling of fullness that hits us after eating a pretzel, I think we get to thinking we are eating more than we actually are. I am trying to replace snacks with a half or whole p&j sandwich, a cup of rice with sauce, yogurt, or a bowl of cereal...I guess bigger snacks is what I'm trying to say. I'm shooting for around 200 calories each time I eat, 8-10 times a day. I'm looking pretty ribby at 105lbs.

Hope we hear from some others, it's a good question.



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> Dear Robin:
> Good question. I was only advised that I was being switched so that I
> wouldn't become immune to the oxycontin. After sometime he would switch
me > back. I did get my meds in the mail today, so hurrah for that, I made it
> through yesterday without moving a muscle. I always thought that ms
contin > was a morphine derivative and didn't think that oxycontin was. I really
> didn't want to go on the ms contin as the thought of going on morphine
scared > me. Today was uneventful (I took it waiting for maybe some sort of
reaction > (delirium, wacked out), but felt almost the same except I think the
oxycontin > works better as I had more breakthrough pain today than usual.
> I was also switched to MSIR from the tylox and I have no idea what that
is > either. I guess I should go and look it up and see what the heck it is.
> What is really bothering me is the weight loss. Anyone losing weight
being > on narcotic medication? I lost another 4 lbs and at this rate I should
> disappear within the next 6 months. Any advice as to how to keep from
> dropping the pounds I would appreciate it. Isn't this the switch; since
my > mid thirties I had to fight that extra 10 pounds creeping up every now
and > then,and now I'm fighting for every pound to put back on. OK, I'm eating
> every snack in the house, and that's not helping, so anyone know of any
> herbal remedy or anything of that nature that will help put the weight
back > on. When I weighed myself at my daughter's physical today for middle
school > the pediatrician found me crying because I had realized I had lost
another 4 > lbs this week and weighed in at 118. I started at 140 (that was that 10
> pounds I was going to get rid of after the hysterectomy),I was hoping my
> uterus weighed 10 lbs, but this has gone way to far. I left there and
made an > appt. with my PCP hoping for some input.
> Love to you all (hey and thanks for those that said they's miss me, I'd
miss > all of you so much too).
> Helen C.

--- Janet Karam ---

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