Re: Helen C.- Oxycontin -anyone losing weight?????

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Wed Aug 1 01:53:49 2001

Helen C. Yes, you lose weight from Oxycontin. I lost 15 lbs. while I was on it for just 3 months. Now I did have 2 major surgeries in that time period so that also may have accounted for some of it. JEAN

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Dear Robin:

Good question. I was only advised that I was being switched so that I wouldn't become immune to the oxycontin. After sometime he would switch me back. I did get my meds in the mail today, so hurrah for that, I made it through yesterday without moving a muscle. I always thought that ms contin was a morphine derivative and didn't think that oxycontin was. I really didn't want to go on the ms contin as the thought of going on morphine scared me. Today was uneventful (I took it waiting for maybe some sort of reaction (delirium, wacked out), but felt almost the same except I think the oxycontin works better as I had more breakthrough pain today than usual. I was also switched to MSIR from the tylox and I have no idea what that is either. I guess I should go and look it up and see what the heck it is. What is really bothering me is the weight loss. Anyone losing weight being on narcotic medication? I lost another 4 lbs and at this rate I should disappear within the next 6 months. Any advice as to how to keep from dropping the pounds I would appreciate it. Isn't this the switch; since my mid thirties I had to fight that extra 10 pounds creeping up every now and then,and now I'm fighting for every pound to put back on. OK, I'm eating every snack in the house, and that's not helping, so anyone know of any herbal remedy or anything of that nature that will help put the weight back on. When I weighed myself at my daughter's physical today for middle school the pediatrician found me crying because I had realized I had lost another 4 lbs this week and weighed in at 118. I started at 140 (that was that 10 pounds I was going to get rid of after the hysterectomy),I was hoping my uterus weighed 10 lbs, but this has gone way to far. I left there and made an appt. with my PCP hoping for some input.

Love to you all (hey and thanks for those that said they's miss me, I'd miss all of you so much too).

Helen C.

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