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From: Janet Karam (
Wed Aug 1 00:15:37 2001

hey there Olive,

Glad you found us, but sorry to hear you hurting so. Have you had time to browse through the site? I hope you'll find the friendship and support you need on this will help you get through your toughest times.

You can contact Dr. Jay Redan, one of my surgeons in Scranton at:, he will respond quickly once he receives your e-mail. You can also check out their website at: Definately read up on Dr. Reich while you are there...he is excellent.

Hope this helps, I'd love to be able to give you a hug...hang in there!


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<> > Date: 7/31/01 9:51:50 PM
> Subject: looking for help
> I have suffered for years with adhesions and no one will do anything for
> me. I have a 9" x 6" "Prolene" mesh in my abdomen that has caused me
> nothing but misery. I have severe abdominal pain,can hardly eat because
> my belly feels like it will explode. I have had surgeries for adhesions
> before,but I have went from doctor to doctor,and they say I have to live
> this way,but I can't. I am open for any suggestions. I read a message
> from Janet Karam about an Adhesion Center in Pa.,Drs.Reich and Redan
> that helped her. I would appreciate information about these doctors or
> anyone who is willing to help adhesion suffers find relief and make life
> worth living.

--- Janet Karam ---

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