Re: Frustrated to the Nth degree

From: Janet Karam (
Wed Aug 1 00:02:16 2001

Unfortunately, you've already been put through the wringer. Hopefully though, if a pain specialist is referring you to another more specific doc, this will be your final destination. Did the first pain specialist at least give you a script for pain meds to get you by until your next appointment?

I was informed by my pain specialist doc last week, that he will oversee my care and prescribe for 3 more months, then turn me back over to my primary doc. My primary doc refused to prescribe Oxycontin anymore...that's how I ended up going to the pain clinic in the first place. The pain doc assures me all will be okay after he oversses my treatment and writes a letter to my family doc, he says it helps the family docs be "off the hook" for prescribing narcotics...especially the big "O". So we shall see.

Hang in there...when is you next appointment?



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> Subject: Frustrated to the Nth degree
> Has anyone ever been able to get all their doctors to agree on a method
> of treatment for pain management?? The Primary Care sends me to a pain
> specialist, he in turn sends me to another because my kind of pain is
> not his speciality. From there, additional paperwork & medical history
> must be updated from all the doctors and I find myself spinning my
> wheels while they get their collective heads together. In the meanwhile
> I am still in pain and running very low on patience, time & money. Any
> ideas on how to get them all together?

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