Re: those who stopped posting!

From: Janet Karam (
Wed Aug 1 00:26:56 2001

Dear Karen,

My new e-mail is, I'm sorry if I didn't pass that on to you when I can write me there. Lately my "turmoil" has been my middle name, trudging along with my head held high, and letting the tears fall when they come.

I started yoga this week, which I would recommend to anyone who can. I couldn't do it all, but they also talk about breathing and feeling centered. Seems the more I work on releasing built up grief and emotional baggage, the better I am handling it all physically too.

Hang in there Karen, please don't be a stranger, and feel free to write.



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> Janet,
> I haven't forgotten you, I have been in my own little turmoil lately and
> would prefer not to post a message to you personally on the board! I have
> totally. So sorry it's been so long since I have written. A lot has tone
on > and gone on and really bothered me also.
> Love and best wishes Karen
> Karen Carter

--- Janet Karam ---

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