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Wed Feb 28 17:38:53 2001

Dawn, Just checking to see how you are. I care. I hope my email reached you last night. The one where I told you about my "grandfather's" niece. Please let me know if it reached you. Love, Millie

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> Hey Millie,
> I have not received the results from the exray yet.The wait is
making > me nuts.
> I want tell you about my sister she was killed by a drunk driver in July
of > 2000.I miss her everyday she was so beautiful and caring.I like having
> someone to talk with about my problems mental and physical. I thought my
life > would end when hers did. She lost her son the year before and she was so
> sad.The pain she felt was so enormous that there was nothing we could do
to > make her feel better.Well God took her home I know it was best for her
> because now she is with my nephew and her son.It helps sometimes for me to
> look around and see thepeople beside me and know how terrible their pain
> would be if I left them.I want you to know that even though we have to
endure > such physical pain there will be a time when its gone. I am native
american > and I feel there are forces around us that guide us when we start to
fall.I > go outside and sit in the quiet and listen to the wind and the trees and
> sometimes I hear my sister telling me don't give up I am here with you.I
hope > some of what I have told you may help please go talk to a dr. Please keep
> looking for someone to help you.Because talking to you has helped me
so.And > remember there are angels watching over you.
> With Loving care
> Dawn
> P.S. I need you

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