Re: Thankyou Jenny

From: jenny low (
Wed Feb 28 01:54:45 2001

Hi Toni,

I used the premarin cream before. It was not too long after the hyster and I was having extreme pain right after any sexual activity. They said that was real common and gave me the cream. It seemed to help. In fact I didn't even use it all. I hate the oozing of the stuff after you use it. Just feels nasty. My gosh! SOme of the things we talk about on this site! I hope it helps you so you can get active again. Hey you don't need shrinkage there! Well your honey might not mind! Oh my gosh! The things we embarrassing! Well, maybe it will give someone a laugh. Okay, really though I hope it helps you. What is strange is that non of this has affected my drive. Sometimes I have a sharp pain during sex but mostly if it is anything, I will hurt afterwards. And sometimes it is 1-2 hours after before it starts. It may keep me up all night. it is very strange.

How was your appointment today? I hope things went well and you have something to relieve any pain you are having.

Love, Jenny

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