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There is an actual condition where small amounts of bacteria "flare" up then slow down...over and over again. Usually there are more infection signs though. I once met someone who actually had this diagnosed. When I had one of my bouts with peritonitis, the last one, I had to go every few days for a ct scan as the doctors were watching the infection get smaller and op. I had a surgery that was not your standard surgery for peritonitis. Anyway for a few years afterward I would get increased pain, fever, and would seem to have an infection. The doctor would put me in the hospital on iv pain meds and antibiotics, I'd get better, then it would flare up again. A top surgeon at OHSU told me her opinion was that I had minute pockets of infection and somehow with increased activity, inflamation, and adhesions, it would cause them this low grade type infection to flare up. I cannot have further surgeries safely so they closely monitor me but that's about it. Have you been treated with antibiotics? Also after one of the surgeries I suddenly developed intense localized pain. I wore a binder for a while and eventually either I got used to the pain or it got better...

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> Last summer, I had misdiagnosed pelvic pain that developed into
> peritonitis. As a result of the infection, I developed adhesions
> connecting the upper right loop of the colon to the abdominal wall. My
> main chronic symptom was back pain that was worse with activity. Ever
> since that infection, anytime I get a cold or the flu my fingernails
> stop growing and "rings" develop. This also happened when I had the
> peritonitis. I am concerned about this since I have always been healthy
> as a horse and have never had persitent problems with ridges in my nails
> and see it as a sign that there is something wrong with my overall
> health since it is a recurrent problem.
> Over 2 1/2 weeks ago, I had a exploratory surgery in which the adhesions
> were discovered and burned away. I STILL have back pain where the
> adhesions were burned away and I would consider the pain to be worse
> than before the surgery... and now have an additional pain in the upper
> right pelvic area. My doctor is unsure of what it may be and has
> mentioned that it might be a pulled muscle. She is an obgyn specialist
> that admits that intestinal adhesions are not her area of expertise and
> wants me to look elsewhere for help. To me, it almost feels like I
> yanked something inside and it snapped and now it hurts. It is worse
> when I change positions, worse at night and first thing in the morning.
> My surgical wounds were slow to heal since most of the biodegradeable
> stiches were visible in the wounds and keeping them open after my other
> stiches were removed. Is it possible I could have an infection brewing?
> I did not have a fever when I had peritonitis last summer and if my
> nails hadn't stopped growing, we wouldn't have thought it was an
> infection since my only symptom was pain... and I just slowly
> deteriorated over time and became extremely weak. I find the current
> pulled muscle story to be plausible but unlikely since I have had so
> much pain since the surgery. We believe the back pain is inflammation
> and/or adhesions trying to grow back but don't have a suggestion for the
> new pain in front. Any suggestions?

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