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From: jenny low (
Tue Feb 27 23:15:00 2001


I am so sorry to hear of your continued discomfort and pain. What did the new doc have to say about your weight loss? Did he recommend anything for you? I have not had that problem so I don't really have any advice for you in that area. I'm sorry. I wish I had something that I could contribute to help you. I will pray for you and your family. I know what that is like. I have 7 kids and they all homeschool. So I know what you mean when you say this illness starts affecting your family. Mine tell me that they hate when I am down because the day goes by slower. I have the best kids in the world. They are such a help to me but when I am down I feel like such a failure to them and my husband even though they never complain about it. It is when I feel beeter that they make the statement that they love when I am up because the days are not so slow. I hope you find some solutions to help you with your eating. I think doctors like to hear bowel sounds because that is a sign of a healthy bowel. Keep us updated, okay?

Love, Jenny

>From: (Brokenwing)
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>Subject: Jenny Low
>Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 00:03:41 -0600
>Thank-You for your prayers I can really use them right
>now! I have lost alot more weight and I still can't eat
>anything. I have started to try some baby food like the
>fruits and instant breakfast drinks. But anything I seem
>to put in my mouth just sits there. I am having to use
>lax. every 4 days just to get things to move. I went
>to a new family Dr. on friday and he actually spent
>an entire hour with my husband and I. He really
>listened to what I had to say and said he could tell
>this was taking it's toll on me! He gave me some medicine
>called Librax has anyone else taken this? I am really
>not one to take medicine but I am in so much pain and I
>am so weak that it even takes everything out of me just to get a shower.
>This is really getting hard on my two boys
>and my husband, which I really Thank God for cause I could not have made
>it this far with out him, He looks so tired
>and worried all the time so if you don't mind tokeep them in your
>prayers too. Also the DR. said he could not hear any bowel sounds when
>I was there is this something to
>worry about? I have had tests that showed no obstructions
>is there other possible reasons why there might not be any
>sound? Well now that I have talked your ears off I will
>get off here. I am so tired even just sitting here for to long. BIG
>PAIN FREE HUGS! ~Browkenwing~

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