Just a Suggestion!

From: Jean (creative@enter.net)
Tue Feb 27 23:09:25 2001

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Photo Album on the site??

I was just on the totallyhip.org forum and they added photos of people who post on there. Pretty neat, then you can see what people look like that you talk to. I also have allot of hip problems & have had 3 hip replacements (2 on same hip last year). I just sent them my photograph and also my hip x-rays to add.

I went there to check out about hip replacements that have been recalled....can you believe that, now I also have to check if that is the brand they just put in me last year!!!

P.S. no,I can't afford to "fund" a photo album (just a suggestion)....have enough keeping up with my many health problems and costs. Having a problem just saving my home-based business....I don't have orders or can't work I don't earn money (no benefits)! JEAN (from PA)

Jean (from PA)

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