Jenny Low

From: Brokenwing (
Tue Feb 27 23:00:41 2001

Thank-You for your prayers I can really use them right now! I have lost alot more weight and I still can't eat anything. I have started to try some baby food like the fruits and instant breakfast drinks. But anything I seem to put in my mouth just sits there. I am having to use lax. every 4 days just to get things to move. I went to a new family Dr. on friday and he actually spent an entire hour with my husband and I. He really listened to what I had to say and said he could tell this was taking it's toll on me! He gave me some medicine called Librax has anyone else taken this? I am really not one to take medicine but I am in so much pain and I am so weak that it even takes everything out of me just to get a shower. This is really getting hard on my two boys and my husband, which I really Thank God for cause I could not have made it this far with out him, He looks so tired and worried all the time so if you don't mind tokeep them in your prayers too. Also the DR. said he could not hear any bowel sounds when I was there is this something to worry about? I have had tests that showed no obstructions is there other possible reasons why there might not be any sound? Well now that I have talked your ears off I will get off here. I am so tired even just sitting here for to long. BIG PAIN FREE HUGS! ~Browkenwing~


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