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Tue Feb 27 11:19:19 2001

Dawn, Your letter nearly made me cry. I am so sorry to hear of your nephew and our sister. A lot of times I know I can feel my Mom's presence, and I smile and try to reach out for her. I know she's watching over me. You can feel it. It's hard when I go to an E.R., because I remember how she'd go with me at any hour of the day or night, and now the chair is empty, and I can feel her presence. In the mid 1970's we visited my "grandfather's" niece and her 4 kids. The kids asked her if they could come to my "grandfather's" to visit me. She looked at her calendar, and asked"what is next Sunday's date?" Then she said,"who said any of us are going anywhere?" That following Sunday, my "grandfather" called and said the niece and her boyfriend were coming home from breakfast and a drunk driver who had been in trouble before, drove over the center lines and hit her car head-on. She died in surgery from a ruptured spleen and other injuries. I'll never forget it. It was if she knew that previous Sunday. Keep in touch. Love, Millie

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> Hey Millie,
> I have not received the results from the exray yet.The wait is
making > me nuts.
> I want tell you about my sister she was killed by a drunk driver in July
of > 2000.I miss her everyday she was so beautiful and caring.I like having
> someone to talk with about my problems mental and physical. I thought my
life > would end when hers did. She lost her son the year before and she was so
> sad.The pain she felt was so enormous that there was nothing we could do
to > make her feel better.Well God took her home I know it was best for her
> because now she is with my nephew and her son.It helps sometimes for me to
> look around and see thepeople beside me and know how terrible their pain
> would be if I left them.I want you to know that even though we have to
endure > such physical pain there will be a time when its gone. I am native
american > and I feel there are forces around us that guide us when we start to
fall.I > go outside and sit in the quiet and listen to the wind and the trees and
> sometimes I hear my sister telling me don't give up I am here with you.I
hope > some of what I have told you may help please go talk to a dr. Please keep
> looking for someone to help you.Because talking to you has helped me
so.And > remember there are angels watching over you.
> With Loving care
> Dawn
> P.S. I need you

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