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From: jenny low (
Tue Feb 27 01:07:20 2001

Nik and Trace,

I am so glad to see such a wonderful couple on here! I think it is wonderful that you Nik are so loving and supportive of your sweet Trace. It actually is kind of nice (not for you of course) that you yourself have adhesions and know their discomfort. I am lucky too because my doctor has adhesions from a gall bladder surgery. Good relationships come few and far between these days. It is wonderful that you love each other so much. It is evident in the posts I have seen. I hope you have many pain free and fun years together. I hope Trace is feeling better from her recent surgery. Sending love and hugs your way!

Love, Jenny

>From: "niko" <>
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: having a bad day
>Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 01:56:18 -0600
>Dear Robyne,
> It,s Nik here it was great seen when we were down your
>way love the dogs tehe.Sorry to hear that you and Tom had a fight
>today,Hope it works out for ya i really do.It,s very hard when there no-one
>close to you to talk to when you need it hey.I REALLY FEEL for you and all
>the people on here going through this pain and frustraion,i can kind of
>relate to it but not on the same scale as i was in hospital for nearly two
>years when i had my kidney removed,and learning to walk again god what pain
>then you would just come out of the drugs and see a nurse walking towards
>you with some more i too have adhesions from this op,but unlike the people
>on here it only been a discomfort thank god and touch wood,i would not like
>to go through what i have seen my sweetheart Tracey go through so as i
>say,my heart goes out to you and everyone else suffering from adhesion and
>such and i hope and pray that they find a cure your your doctors and
>surgens can do something for you all.I beleave this board is one of the
>best things for all you people and i give my full surport for it.I know it
>has help my Trace alot.
>Anyway Robyne if you need to talk to someone i know Tracey will listen at
>anytime ,for that matter so would i.
>To Suzie how is ya baby hope you are hanging in there and if you ever bet
>me at yazhee again grrrrrrrrrr lol only kidding lol get well soon girl and
>i hope that new doctor can help.
>To everone else a big hello from me, and i hope you all will feel better
>soon best of luck.
>from Traceys, Nik
>lots of love and best wish,
>Nik xxxooo

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> From: Robyne Hinks
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> Sent: Sunday, 25 February 2001 4:25
> Subject: having a bad day
> Dear trace having a bad day today. I had my second fight with Tom in
>our thirty years of marriage and I feel real low.I am so tired with little
>sleep in the last few days and with Tom gone all hours and no-one truly
>close friend to share any thing with.I just wish I had one friend but this
>illness seems to have driven them away and it sure is lonely at the
>moment.I havent heard from you since you got home .How are you going now? I
>am sorry must go now Love always Robyne.

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> From: niko
> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
> Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2001 6:10 PM
> Subject: Hey Robyne ;-)
> Hi Robyne,
> I was sad to hear that you have to wait till your doctor gets back, I
>thought there must be a reason why I haven't heard much from you ;-)) I'm
>glad your meds are helping though, if I can do anything please let me know
>;-) I would be happy to meet up with you even if you can't get to the
>hospital. We are staying in Brisbane with my partner's uncle for a few days
>after, so we are happy to meet up with you after that, if all else fails.
> Then we are off to catch up with a really good friend of mine for some
>laughs. I am thankful to the board for enabling me to meet people with my
> Hear from you soon !!!
> Lots Of Love
> Trace xo

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