Millie---NG tube

From: jenny low (
Tue Feb 27 00:35:44 2001


I'm sorry I forgot to answer you about the NG tube. They inserted mine while I was in surgery so I didn't feel it go in. I believe they inserted the tube because they worked on my bowels removing adhesions. Sometimes when they work on your bowels like that it can cause them not to work properly. THey kind of act paralyzed for awhile. So they put it in until they knew my bowels were working properly. If your bowels don't work properly after surgery it can cause severe vomitting. In fact before they would take in out they clamped it off and had me drink something. I had to wait 2 hours after drinking to show them I could keep it down without throwing up. Then they took it out, or I was going to myself! It was very uncomfortable for me when I had mine in. It kept yanking my nose and rubbed my throat raw. I had big clumps of blood that I kept having to spit out after they took it out. It didn't hurt at all when they took it out. I was so relieved to have it out. I do pray I never have to have another one. I know someone said something about a numbing spray. They gave me that but it did not work. I pray you don't have to have one either.

Love, Jenny

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