Re: Suggestions please...

From: Kate Murphy (
Mon Feb 26 06:46:51 2001

On 26 Feb 2001, at 0:46, Stacy wrote:

> I have adhesions on my colon. When it is at it's best (80% of the time)
> the pain is about a 2. When it is at it's worse, the pain is about a
> 10. The pain is the worse when I have diahrea, which happens about
> every other week.
> I need suggestions on diets. What should I avoid, what should I eat?


Keep a food diary so you can figure out for yourself what helps and what hurts. These are all such individual things.

I find that fatty foods and milk products tend to give me gas and diarrhea. Meat increases my pain. So I avoid them.


Kate Murphy

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