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From: Wally (
Mon Feb 26 02:43:07 2001

High Stacey,

Thats a long time on fast foods! I think the best way I could suggest you start is to think about some of those fast foods you enjoy, and consider making them at home for yourself. When we get busy here (I have 4 children) my husband & I make our own take out.......chicken burgers consisting of chicken breast cooked in the microwave (no oils no fat from the skin)we serve them on wholemeal buns with lettuce, salad & dressings. (It depends on what you can tolerate. My husband went with lettuce & chicken, no dressings or extras)

We eat lots of steamed vegies, chicken & fish & just a little lean red meat. Fresh fruit is great & I always have carrot & celery sticks cut & ready for a quick munch in the refrigerator. When my husband's tummy troubles were at it's worst, I made lots of soups with fresh vegies often with no meat at all.

The doctors are always telling us more fibre in the diet. Have a good look at what you eat, write it down for a week, you will be surprised at what you can change.

If you need help find a nutritianist to give you advice. An easy way to start is to avoid processed foods & pre-packaged stuff.....keep your meals simple & fresh. Avoid lots of sodas, drink lots of water. If you have to buy food when you are out, ask for plain food, tell them you have a medical condition, or do what we do ......stick to chicken & lettuce sandwiches & bottled water. A cup of tea or coffee is long as it's no more than a few a day.

Sometimes we eat out for dinner, then we go for grilled fresh fish & salad or steamed vegies.....they can be really tasty.....especially when beautifully presented on the plate.

Stacey......good luck, you have made the first step....asked for advice, but PLEASE find a professional to help you with YOUR particular symptoms......

all the best, Wally

At Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Stacy wrote: >
>I posted earlier, and have been coming back to read others posts, and
>just have a couple questions.
>I have adhesions on my colon. When it is at it's best (80% of the time)
>the pain is about a 2. When it is at it's worse, the pain is about a
>10. The pain is the worse when I have diahrea, which happens about
>every other week.
>I need suggestions on diets. What should I avoid, what should I eat?
>Does meat irrate the colon, what about vegatables, butter, fatty foods?
>I'm am a complete idiot when it comes to a proper diet. My diet has
>consisted of fast food joints for the last 29 years... I know that I
>*need* to re-adjust my eating habits, but need some guidance, and the
>best place to start is with the people who have to deal with it on a
>daily basis.
>Thank you for you ideas and suggestions.

You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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