Re: Dr. Wiseman, Neurontin and Millie

From: Sally Grigg (
Sun Feb 25 19:34:25 2001

Dear Millie, I' m sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but I've been kind of in a bad way. I've been on heavy narcotics and still am but two days ago I started taking Neurontin and it's helping. Dr. Wiseman, if you read these , what do you think of this medication? My story is on the quilt.

Millie wrote:

> Dear Sally,
> I don't remember if I answered you or not. I went to the emergency room.
> They put an IV on me, and took blood samples, and did xrays. The Dr. said I
> have a lot of stool and gas in that left side. It's an awful feeling. I
> ttold him all about my surgery, and what I was told. He said he also
> wondered why she took everything when she said it looked pretty good. He
> said to call her this week.
> Boost is also a good drink. I like the chocolate, but i think it's binding.
> guess waht - I did answer you before, because now I
> remember telling you I wouldn't smack you, but the ob/gyn - WHAM!!!!
> Sally, will another ob/gyn take a surgical patient that another ob/gyn
> operated on, if I told him I have the report?
> Take care.
> Millie

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> Subject: Re: Abdominal adhesions recently cut from bowel area during
> abdominal hysterectomy.
> > Dear Millie, After 33 years of adhesions, and medical procedures, I can
> tell
> > you that adhesions can and sometimes do start forming immediately after a
> > surgury or laproscopic surgury. What works for me is to not try to eat
> regular
> > meals, but to take a little bit of yogurt, and then later some Ensure,
> then
> > later a blended vegetable drink. In other words, small, frequent, soft or
> > liquid nutrious portions, even baby food. I don't know if you have
> allergies
> > and I'm not a doctor, but it sounds like you need a different, more caring
> > doctor. Hang in there and write back to this site. We all care and you
> can't
> > keep losing weight. Please try and count your blessings even though as I
> > write this you probably want to smack me ,but forced optimism and prayers
> > combined with better medical care will help. Take care of yourself. Love
> and
> > prayers, Sally Grigg
> >
> > Millie wrote:
> >
> > > On Jan.29,2001, I had a TAH, and the ob/gyn cut adhesions from around
> > > the bowel area. I have been having more pain than ever and more bowel
> > > problems, pain before, during, and after small bowel movements, or loose
> > > stool. The pain never lets up. The ob/gyn snipped the adhesions with
> > > Metzenbaum scissors, and placed Interceed. Now I find out the organs
> > > she removed were in good shape, and I didn't need that done. I have one
> > > ovary left. I asked her if I could already have adhesions reformed in
> > > the abdomen. She said no. Then she looked in my past history from the
> > > gastro's office, and told me it's not from the surgery, but from
> > > Irritable Bowel. I know it isn't , because I know what those IBS
> > > symptoms are like - a lot different from these. She called me her
> > > colicky baby. The gastro's nurse practitioner told me they've done
> > > every test on me, and found nothing. I told him that was before I had
> > > major abdominal surgery. He still insisted it is IBS. I'm fighting a
> > > losing battle. I have lost at least 15 lbs. I'm only about 101lbs., if
> > > even. I want to eat, but it feels as if everything is welded together,
> > > and I can only do small stools, or loose, with constant pain. I can't
> > > go on like this much longer. I don't know what else to do. I don't
> > > want to end up with an intestinal obstruction once, let alone more. I
> > > am afraid of ending up with an ostomy, and I can't deal with it.
> > > Thanks for listening to me. Are there any others out there with this
> > > same poblem? How did it affect you? Repeated intestinal obstructions?
> > > Repeated surgeries to try to correct an ongoing problem, only to find
> > > out that adhesions still return? Is there a Dr. out there willing to
> > > help me? I live in N.Y. State. I can't take the pain much more.
> > > Millie M.
> > >
> >

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