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From: robin (
Sat Feb 24 19:05:47 2001

At Sat, 24 Feb 2001, toni welsh wrote: >
>At Sat, 24 Feb 2001, robin wrote:
>>wow, i am just still in shock that there is a message board/support
>>group for people with adhesions. most of the doctors ive seen for pain
>>dont even know much about them. i just recently (after abdominal
>>surgeries starting with a colostomy at age 15) at the age of 32,
>>accepted the fact that my pain was adhesions and no doctor was going to
>>fix me. ive been from pain dr to pain dr only to have them dump me when
>>tolerance to my meds causes a need to increase and they panic. im
>>currently in need of a new pain dr and from this website have all the
>>links i need to start the process. if anyone has a good one in the
>>seattle/tacoma area that isnt afraid to prescribe opioids please let me
>>know. i just wanted to say that it is comforting to know im not alone.
>Welcome Robin, glad to meet you. Why did you have to have a colostomy
>so young, my sister is 36 and she had one 4 years ago, and I thought
>that was young. Have you had alot of surgeies?

toni, i have had crohns disease since i was around 12 yrs old.i had to have the colostomy because my colon was so full of disease it had to be removed. i had another recurrence of crohns 3 years ago and so the rest of my colon was removed and now i have an iliostomy.ive had a total of 4 abdominal surgeries and the last one i asked a gynocologist to look and check out my fertility and he said he couldnt even see anything, it was all completely covered with adhesions and my chance of having children was as close to zero as he has ever seen.(those were his words, not very comforting)and ive had pain ever since my 2nd surgery at the age of 22. thank you for the friendly welcome. :) robin

LEt us know alittle more about you, and hope fully we can help you. >

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