Re: im new here

From: toni welsh (
Sat Feb 24 05:58:25 2001

At Sat, 24 Feb 2001, robin wrote: >
>wow, i am just still in shock that there is a message board/support
>group for people with adhesions. most of the doctors ive seen for pain
>dont even know much about them. i just recently (after abdominal
>surgeries starting with a colostomy at age 15) at the age of 32,
>accepted the fact that my pain was adhesions and no doctor was going to
>fix me. ive been from pain dr to pain dr only to have them dump me when
>tolerance to my meds causes a need to increase and they panic. im
>currently in need of a new pain dr and from this website have all the
>links i need to start the process. if anyone has a good one in the
>seattle/tacoma area that isnt afraid to prescribe opioids please let me
>know. i just wanted to say that it is comforting to know im not alone.

Welcome Robin, glad to meet you. Why did you have to have a colostomy so young, my sister is 36 and she had one 4 years ago, and I thought that was young. Have you had alot of surgeies?

LEt us know alittle more about you, and hope fully we can help you.

Love, TOni

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