Re: Can you have an epidural...

From: Jenny (
Sat Feb 24 19:03:19 2001

I had an epidural during a cystoscope done when I was pregnant to remove kidney stones. I had an epidural during my tubal ligation also which was done with a laparoscope. It didn't work very well though. I started feeling everything in the middle of my surgery. The anesthesiologist couldn't stand it herself and ended up putting me to sleep. But that was just my experience. At the hospital I go to you have to meet with the anesthesiologist during your pre-ops. THey discuss what kind of anestethsia they plan to use. You could probably request an epidural for your surgery. Your hospital maybe different. It doesn't hurt to ask though if that is what you are wanting. For me, I want to be asleep! My doctor takes pictures and gives me a copy of them so I can see what he saw. And he is real good about explaining what everything is. Good luck to you!


At Sat, 24 Feb 2001, Jennine wrote: > >for laprascopic surgery? I want to be awake and see what the surgeon >sees if I have the procedure. I want to be awake and informed and I >want to be able to ask questions. Is this done? > >-- >Jennine >

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