Re gall bladder

From: Renae Rickard (
Sat Feb 24 17:59:24 2001

This is the first time i have read that some-one has trouble because of the gall bladder.I had my gall-bladder removed 14 months ago...along with 29 stones, and thought all my problems were gone ! What a joke ! ..I have been in pain ever since, My operation didnt go well at all apparently there was too much blood !! My surgeon was very apologetic...( thats a first )..After many mistakes in the hospital, i had to have a blood transfusion, after my husband came into the room and found blood all over the floor..I still have a pool of blood up on the right side of my stomach that even after 14 mnth should still go away. It causes pain too. A fter seeing 6 doctors over these few months and having several ultrasounds .ct scans and blood tests all coming up with nothing ! As a last resort before i decided to give up completly i decided to try one last doctor..( female this time )..she seems to think i have adhesions, so has booked me into see another surgeon on march 8th....after finding this wonderful site i have learnt so much !! It has given me POWER within not just let them do what they want to MY BODY. I cant do much at all , even walking too much, i end up on the bed. I have lost so much trust in doctors, I will see this new surgeon, see what he has to say but feel that I will go to a natural alternative...My Father has been studying "" the natural way "" all his life and I have alot of confidence in him...dont worry I will be the guinea pig..but surely let you know whats happening!! Especially if it works !! Or I should say When it works !!


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