Re: Helpful Suggestions.....for Millie and others

From: Kate Murphy (
Sat Feb 24 06:09:21 2001

On 23 Feb 2001, at 23:32, Helen Dynda wrote:

> I have excerpted the following information from messages, which are now in
> the International Adhesions Archives. These suggestions are not listed in
> any particular order. I hope that you will find something on this list that
> will be helpful for you:


What a great message. Thanks for taking the time to excerpt all that information.

I have had a lot of illness. Usually in the first day or two after some new medical merriment, I feel very confused, disoriented, and afraid. Then I begin to lay out plans for managing whatever I've got to manage. This often doesn't mean making it go away, just coping in some sort of logical way.

These plans help me more than anything!

I do believe that diet can help the pain, but it is important to have some guidance in choosing the right diet. For us with scarred bowel, low-residue diets are probably the right thing. For those struggling with constipation, a diet that includes more fiber and increases the bulk and softness of stool may help more.

I yearn for popcorn!

Thanks, Helen.


Kate Murphy

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