Re: It's snowing in Scranton!

From: Millie (
Thu Feb 22 20:57:24 2001

Dee, Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I get to met with both Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich tomorrow. I had a TAH on Jan.29, which I now see I didn't need. The organs looked good, and so did the pathology, so why did she take them? Everything went but the rt. ovary. I have had nothing but constant pain, pressure, and the last normal bowel movement I had was on Feb.1. I told this to the ob/gyn a week to 2 weeks ago, and she said it is irritable bowel, and I told her these symptoms are much worse. She laughed and called me her colicky baby. I am so resentful. Each day gets worse for me. I've lost at least 15 lbs., and am starved, but can hardly eat, because of the fullness and pain. It's getting to the oint where nothing is moving hardly at all, and I'm scared. I live about an hour or less from Scranton,Pa. (depending on how fast we drive:) ) Lucky you getting your surgery tomorrow, and being on your way to recovery. Good luck. Millie

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> quite a treat for this Florida girl! I had forgotten how COLD it can
> get.
> Also quite a treat was meeting Dr. Redan and Dr. Gerhart today. Kind,
> gentle, compassionate, understanding men who put you at ease the moment
> you meet them. They are not your average doctors!!! Alan and I are both
> very impressed and feel I will be in good hands! Didn't get to meet Dr.
> Reich today but will see him at surgery tomorrow. The lady in the
> admissions department told me that the hospital is honored to have them
> on staff. At this point I would have to agree.
> Thanks again for all the kind thoughts and prayers.
> Dee

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