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Thu Feb 22 20:48:36 2001

Janet, The time is getting near, and it seems like forever. Like I said today was bad. The pain, nearly pencil-thin stools, pressure, sick feeling- the whole bit. My stomach feels so hard, and hurts so bad. I just pray it's not a blockage, but there's some reason for narrowing of the stools. Boy, when I think of how she mis-handled it even a week or so ago, I get a combo of angry /hate(God forgive me,please!) and hopelessness. Maybe these Drs. can do an exam and figure out what's happened/happening to me. I can't go on not being able to eat, or go to the toilet much longer. I sent for the path. report,as well as all of my med. record copies of everything she has written on me. They said I didn't have to go through her. If I did - forget t. When I had asked her if I could get a copy of the surgical report, (which I ask anyone for written copies of any tests, and surgeries.) she said I could, but it wouldn't do me any good to read it. I'm hoping that was said because she figured I wouldn't understand the words, or if it meant something else. I went right to the med. records dept. myself to get it. Millie

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> Dear Millie,
> I wish there was something I or anyone on this board could say to
> comfort you and take away your fear, anguish and pain.
> I have had partial obstructions for over two years. Like Kate said, I
> eat things that will easily pass through and keep myself less at risk of
> suffering a full bowel obstruction.
> If you are pooping at all, you do not have a full obstruction. Most
> likely, you have adhesions that are causing narrowings in your
> intestines. It's hard to know what's going on inside, so if you are
> afraid of a full obstruction, I would recommend mostly liquids.
> You are fortunate to see the PA doctors so soon after your surgery, I
> believe that you are in very good hands! I have not met them in person,
> I've read alot about them, but only corresponded via telephone and
> e-mail with Dr. Redan.
> Many on this board have suffered for so long, without knowing what the
> pain was from, jumping from doctor to doctor in desperation for help,
> only to experience rejection, and to hear that nothing is wrong with
> them...that it was all in their head!...many have had over a dozen
> surgeries, each one making them worse...things could be much worse for
> you and I.
> Millie, I know that it is hard right now...the best you can do for
> yourself and your body is rest and count your blessings...soak in a hot
> bath, do or think of something that warms your heart or makes you smile.
> Warm hugs,
> Janet

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