To Millie

From: Janet (
Thu Feb 22 19:02:47 2001

Dear Millie,

I wish there was something I or anyone on this board could say to comfort you and take away your fear, anguish and pain.

I have had partial obstructions for over two years. Like Kate said, I eat things that will easily pass through and keep myself less at risk of suffering a full bowel obstruction.

If you are pooping at all, you do not have a full obstruction. Most likely, you have adhesions that are causing narrowings in your intestines. It's hard to know what's going on inside, so if you are afraid of a full obstruction, I would recommend mostly liquids.

You are fortunate to see the PA doctors so soon after your surgery, I believe that you are in very good hands! I have not met them in person, I've read alot about them, but only corresponded via telephone and e-mail with Dr. Redan.

Many on this board have suffered for so long, without knowing what the pain was from, jumping from doctor to doctor in desperation for help, only to experience rejection, and to hear that nothing is wrong with them...that it was all in their head!...many have had over a dozen surgeries, each one making them worse...things could be much worse for you and I.

Millie, I know that it is hard right now...the best you can do for yourself and your body is rest and count your blessings...soak in a hot bath, do or think of something that warms your heart or makes you smile.

Warm hugs,


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