Re: In the ER again!!!

From: Millie (
Thu Feb 22 18:20:42 2001

Colette, I felt like heading to the e.r. today,too. I went to go this morning, and what did come out was not much more than pencil thin. I soon have to get straightened out, or I'll starve to death. I want to eat, but I just can't eat much. I feel full. You know what I mean. I just couldn't go the Fleets prep drink. I never thought about mixing it with ginger ale, or juice. I don't think I'll ever get straightened out. God, I'm so hungry. If I could only eat. Yes, it does get you down after a while. I am so mad at that ob/gyn that you don't want to know. I am supposed to meet with Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich tomorrow afternoon. I'm praying to God that they can at least get me on the right track so I can go to the toilet right, - so I can eat and gain weight. I am so sorry I went to her. Millie

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> On tuesday i was in so much pain I drove myself to the ER. I got there
> at 6 pm and sat there until 12 pm they finally called me back. I had
> blood work done xrays they even did a ct scan which showed that
> everything was fine except that i was full of poop DUHHH!!!!!!!!!! The
> problem is is that it does'nt move to rectum it lays there in the colon
> my system is so slow. Well they sent me home with a script for goltyle
> told me to drink it all until everything came out clear. Well i came
> home and cried the golytle would'nt stay down that stuff is nasty
> yukkie!!! Then in the after noon DH went and got me an enema well the
> pain was soo bad after wards i was in the bathroom screaming and crying
> i did go a little bit wow I have'nt eaten for 3 days although lest night
> i manged some tomato soup. Well since i could'nt find a dr until march
> that p*ss*d me off cause i'm tired of this yesterday my Dh had to stay
> home to make sure i would'nt kill myself i had a bottle of sleeping
> pills that i so despartly wanted to take i did figure it was better than
> going through what i'v been through. After he coaxed me out got me
> laughing how he does that i don't know! I got back on the damn phone and
> i looked under colon and rectum in the phone book there are only 3
> specialist i'm thinking ya right all gasteroligist are booked until
> april. Well i called and by the grace of god someone cancelled thier
> appt. so i now have an appt. next wens. the 28 feb. at 4:15pm. the
> lady on the phone said he was really nice and that he has medication in
> the office that he is giving his patience for constent constipation that
> seems to be working wonders.I hope so cause i can't go on like this much
> longer. She told me to do an enema 2 hrs before the appt because she
> was pretty sure that he would want to check to make sure nothing is
> blocked up there. I hate those type of appt. but i would also like to
> make sure everything is ok too!! Then more than likely i'll have to have
> a colonoscopy or a barium enama(no thank you). I tell all dr to knock
> my *ss out so i opt for door #1 LOL. Well gotta go my house is a mess
> cause i'v been totally useless and depressed for 2 days today i'm going
> to clean and enjoy my day as much as possible its going to be in the mid
> 70"s today here in AZ. Love you all

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