Re: Prayers for Dee G.'s Upcoming Surgery

From: Dee (
Wed Feb 21 14:07:19 2001

Thank you all for your prayers!

Please include my husband Alan in your prayers also. The poor man came down with the flu last Friday, spent the weekend with a 103 fever and is still not feeling 100%. Definitely not the best time to be traveling for him, but he is being a trooper!

We arrived in Scranton this afternoon, will meet with Dr. Redan at 11 tomorrow, and then sugery at 2pm Friday with Drs Redan & Reich. I am excited and looking forward to telling you all how great I feel!

It is COLD up here! Supposed to snow tonight. Love, Dee

At Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Pam Markford wrote: >
>Dear Dee,
>We would all like you to know that you are in our prayers!You will be
>lifted up Friday am by many! With all the power of prayers there is No
>Way for there not to be a good outcome by Dr. Redan/Dr. Gerhart's
>expertise.They will do right by you, you can be assured! Please rest as
>much as you can and when you sleep dream of yourself back to being
>healthy and full of energy and Life again.
>I will post an update on Dee's progress once I hear from our great
>Doctors in Scranton on Friday.God Bless you Dee and may the doctors
>hands be guided with the healing touch of our Lord!!!
>In Loving Friendship,
> Pam Markford

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