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Wed Feb 21 14:20:25 2001

At Wed, 21 Feb 2001, Millie wrote: >
> did you ever
>have problems with moving your bowels? I took a few sips of Fleets
>phosphosoda this morning and could not tolerate it. I almost got sick. I
>had a few very small watery bm.s, but it's even hard to get them out. Did
>you ever have any blockages in the bowels ? I only pray
>to God that's not where I'm headed. I am so afraid of tubes. I hear they are
>awful to have put in. Did you ever have one?

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>> At Wed, 21 Feb 2001, karen wrote:
>> >
>> >Hi all,
>> >
>> >Hope everyone is having a good day.
>> >
>> >Just wanted to update things and get advice from those who would be kind
>> >enough to give it.
>> >
>> >I saw my new gyn for the second time on Monday. My US results revealed
>> >that they could not find my left ovary (again). A year ago it was
>> >adhered to the bowel along with endo there and in the cul de sac. After
>> >Lupron and during still had pain. Which brings me here. He wants to do
>> >a lap, possible oopherectomy, possible laporotomy and also have the
>> >surgeon there to check for the hernia which he is trying to r/o. Also
>> >mentioned if the endo and adhesions were real bad that he would
>> >recommend a hysto, however, not do it a that time because we needed to
>> >discuss further about HRT or not, risks, etc.
>> >
>> >Well needless to say, after thinking (in the car of course, why do we
>> >always do that?) I called his office back and told him that if he thinks
>> >he has to do a hysto to do it then, why subject me to yet another
>> >surgery? Duh? So my husband and I are going back in on Friday to speak
>> >with him again.
>> >
>> >The hard thing for me is this surgery is based on a lot of what if's.
>> >Nothing is cut and dry with these diseases (endo and adhesions). They
>> >don't know anything until they get in and see what is going on. This is
>> >my second surgery within a year. I have heard success stories and
>> >failed stories about hysto's. I am trying very hard to make informed
>> >decisions, it is so hard to keep a level head during all of this. Not
>> >to mention, my husband is worried, upset at another surgery, and
>> >frustrated like myself.
>> >
>> >Well thank you for listening, all. I am thankful to have a place to
>> >vent. My mom can't understand why I am always on the computer looking
>> >for and reading any info I can. She thinks it does more harm than good.
>> >I do have somewhat of a medical backround and so this is natural for me.
>> >I told her that it helps to have people who are going through the same
>> >thing who can understand. And also as Helen puts it, "knowledge is
>> >power". Thanks to Helen and everyone else for being here.
>> >
>> >--
>> >Karen
>> Karen,
>> That is what alot of people told me too, when I was searching for people
>> who understand, and the ONLY place I have found it is here on this
>> forum. I had 3 surgerues in 5 months in 98, you will be fine, I do know
>> that is why I am so hesitant now, I had a rough year in 98, having 2 of
>> those converted to laparotomy.
>> I will be here if you need me, for anyhting, and if you want to email
>> personally feel free!
>> Love to you all
>> Toni

No Millie, I have not had any total obstructions, but there are so many times I swear I am headed there. I ahve not had those attacks for awhile, and I hope not, it hurt so bad. Yes I cannot go without a laxative, and the only thing that has worked for a year is senekot, and it hurts so bad whenI take it. Milk of magnesia does nothing. I am hurting bad today, but I am trying to get throughit everyday I take one at a time. I am very afraid of blockages, my mother's bowel died, and they say that was from volvulus. It killed her so my fears are great!

Love Toni

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