Facing surgery #2...

From: karen (klynne474@yahoo.com)
Wed Feb 21 08:40:29 2001

Hi all,

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Just wanted to update things and get advice from those who would be kind enough to give it.

I saw my new gyn for the second time on Monday. My US results revealed that they could not find my left ovary (again). A year ago it was adhered to the bowel along with endo there and in the cul de sac. After Lupron and during still had pain. Which brings me here. He wants to do a lap, possible oopherectomy, possible laporotomy and also have the surgeon there to check for the hernia which he is trying to r/o. Also mentioned if the endo and adhesions were real bad that he would recommend a hysto, however, not do it a that time because we needed to discuss further about HRT or not, risks, etc.

Well needless to say, after thinking (in the car of course, why do we always do that?) I called his office back and told him that if he thinks he has to do a hysto to do it then, why subject me to yet another surgery? Duh? So my husband and I are going back in on Friday to speak with him again.

The hard thing for me is this surgery is based on a lot of what if's. Nothing is cut and dry with these diseases (endo and adhesions). They don't know anything until they get in and see what is going on. This is my second surgery within a year. I have heard success stories and failed stories about hysto's. I am trying very hard to make informed decisions, it is so hard to keep a level head during all of this. Not to mention, my husband is worried, upset at another surgery, and frustrated like myself.

Well thank you for listening, all. I am thankful to have a place to vent. My mom can't understand why I am always on the computer looking for and reading any info I can. She thinks it does more harm than good. I do have somewhat of a medical backround and so this is natural for me. I told her that it helps to have people who are going through the same thing who can understand. And also as Helen puts it, "knowledge is power". Thanks to Helen and everyone else for being here.


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