Stomach pain in Colon area

From: Stacy (
Tue Feb 20 14:08:06 2001

In October 2000, I began having a sharp pain to the left of my right hip (around the area of my ovaries). I had a sonogram done which showed a cyst on my right overy. The pain didn't go away, and continued, so I went to my OB/GYN since I thought it was ovary related. The cyst on my right overy was gone (ob/gyn believes it was just me ovulating) but the continued. She did tests to see if it was appendicitis, which came back negative. I had a lower CAT done, a procedure to check my kidneys, 2 more sonograms, and finally they decided to do a laporoscapy (my aplogies for any mis spelled words).

During the surgery she found that my colon was adherered to my abdominal wall. She removed the colon from the wall, took out my appendix since she was in there, check my uterus and overies.. and closed me up... and I thought I was fine.

The pain came back in January and has been getting worse as days pass. Could it possibly be that the colon has re-adhered? Why does it do this? Will it keep doing it all my life? By not getting it removed, could something serious happen like a tear in my colon? We just moved to a new state and I don't have health insurance yet, and there is simply no way that I can possibly afford to go in and get this looked at until I do have insurance (the last round was over $25,000). Any help you can give me is very appreciated.

Thank you


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