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From: Ingi Skaug (
Tue Feb 20 06:18:38 2001

Dear Trace (or Niko?),

Thanks very much for your reply, and the links that I have read. I am prepared to go through menopause the quick and hard way after my ovary has been removed. Menopausal trouble is not a new thing in the history of humanity. Women have been going through it always. The trouble lasts as long as it takes for the body to get used to and ajusted to the lack of estrogens. The HRT is a very new thing, and suddenly everyone seems to HAVE to take it. I have an aunt who had total hysterectomy 37 years ago, when she was 40. She had a hell of a time for 3-4 months after surgery, but has been very healty and full of energy ever since. At the age of 77 she says that she keeps getting more and more energetic. The rest of my life is worth 3-4 months of temporary hell. I have had so much hell with the endometiosis and the adhesions it has caused. THAT gives me severe depressions. I have been severely depressed since I was 20, and I know that it is related to the endometriosis. I did take GnRH-analogues for 7 months once, and the hot flashes then did not really bother me much, although they appeared every 45 minutes lasting for 3-4 minutes. The hot flashes were preceded with 1/2 minut of acute depression, but apart from that I felt OK mentally. But of couse, I would like to try to take some sort of repacement, if I can, but I am considering starting this maybe 6 months after removal of the remaining ovary. The pills that I am considering taking are called "Livial" and do not contain Raloxifen, but Tibolone. This is also a "SERM". It stimulates all estrogen cell receptors, but those of the endometrium and the breasts. It is supposed to give less hot-flashes than Raloxifen. I doubt that I'll even try the real estrogen. I don't believe I'll ever get rid of the endometriosis with real estrogen in my body. My remaining ovary produces follicle cysts constantly. And these cysts produce estrogen which again increases my endometriosis pain. I am currently in for puncturing and draining of cysts every 5 weeks. This is done through the vaginal wall. It is a nightmare that they keep coming back and never dissapear by themselves. Have you tried Livial? Do you think that some of your trouble might have been due to your taking HRT too early, or at all? Was your ovary removed endoscopically and whole, or cut up in parts? How do you feel today?

I have the most loving husband and a miracle of a daughter who was born in Chengdu, China 15 months ago. From the bottom of my heart, I can say that I do not miss having biological children, and I would never have gone through all the three IVFs if I had known what a wonderful thing adoption is. I am also very happy not to have to pass on my genes for endometriosis to new generations, as I am pretty convinced it is genetically determined. I have many female relatives on my mother's side with the same trouble. I am so sick and tired of the whole idea of staying "fertile" when I am not. Just hearing the word, makes me want to puke.

I am now considering having hopefully final surgery with Dr. Korell in Duisburg, Germany, which is not too far from Oslo. He seems to be the best there is as far as I can gather.

Best wishes and good luck,


At Tue, 20 Feb 2001, niko wrote: >
>Hi Inge ;-))
>Yes, all my problems resulted from Endo. I have had chronic 4th stage Endo for 10 years, however the Endo finally settled a few years ago, but just reoccured in my recent lapa.
>I decided to remove my remaining ovary like yourself to rid myself of the Endo. However, this is not always as easy as it sounds. Once you remove the second ovary you will be on HRT for the rest of your life, and there is NEVER any guarantees that this will stop your Endo. I found the search for HRT very frustrating, as I was allergic to alot of it. And of course you will feel menopausal.
>How do I know this, well I had one ovary removed, then a hysterectomy, then the other ovary. All because of Endometriosis.
>I know that the decision is a large one, I had finished trying to have a family, my Endometriosis was too chronic that it made me infertile anyway. Nonetheless !!! don't forget that it is totally irreversable, and peoples lives change.
>HRT, well there is alot of worries about the long term side effects of it. Please remember that there is products out there called "SERMS"... stands for special oestrogen receptor modulators, taking this kind of HRT, reduces your cancer and other risks.
>I am happy to forward any further information you need ;-)) I think you will be surprised at how many adhesion cases result from Endo. It's one of the leading causes.
>You will probably have a few consecutive operations to remove any ovary remanant, as this is very common too.
>Please take care !!!!! And decide wisely,


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