Re: Duragesic

From: Suze (
Tue Feb 20 02:44:53 2001

Hi Janet,

I just had surgery and when i woke up had a patch on, as they said it takes 12 hours to get into your system they continued to give me pethadine as well, the pain was so bad they didn't stop either, But on getting home i had every side effect on the list and kept getting worse. We took my patch off and I will never try it again as the side effects were horrible and made me feel worse. I am now back on pethadine tabs, panadeine forte, and others to control the pain. Cant wait till next month when i get to go and see a surgeon that specialises in bowel and adhesions *cross fingers he can do something to relieve this night mare*

Take care will be thinking of you Suze

Janet Karam wrote:

> Dear Karla,
> Thank you for your input. I do already have quite an intolerance to the
> duragesic...staying in bed/lying down is the only time I can really feel
> it's working. The first patch I wore(this is the lowest dose-25mcg), I felt
> the respitory depression, but since then, this has not been a problem. I
> weigh only 106 lbs, and wouldn't risk going to a higher dose, as the other
> side effects are already bowling me over!
> I hope the MSContin starts kicking in and giving you relief soon.
> I am glad you have been writing in, I always enjoy reading your postings.
> Love,
> Janet

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