Re: Looking for Support

From: Kate Murphy (
Tue Feb 20 07:40:49 2001

On 19 Feb 2001, at 21:32, Millie wrote:

> Hi Trace,
> Thanks for caring. I live in N.Y. state, near the very northern tip of N.J.
> I am so mortified at this woman, but also at myself for letting her touch
> me. But I didn't know what she would do to me. Did you ever have a bowel
> blockage? That's what I dread, because they have to put a tube into your
> nose,down to your stomach.

Dear Millie,

I am recovering from a complete bowel obstruction last summer. I agree that it is pretty hard to deal with, including the NG tube.

However, through many difficulties I have learned that to worry about things only makes life much harder. With the extent of my adhesion disease, sooner or later this will happen again. My goal is to avoid it by eating carefully. Meanwhile, I go on with my life.


Kate Murphy

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