abdominal adhesions

From: Shannon (tkdblk@yahoo.com)
Fri Feb 16 20:20:20 2001

I have had many surgerys - most recent hyst. and then 3 months later surgery to remove adhesions from hyst. It has been two years since that and now I am having tons of problems. It is too painful to cough, sneeze, stand up at times. I am looking for any info. on what to do. My doc. says - after cat scan and ultrasound that it is probably the adhesions grown back again and that there is nothing he can do. Help - is there anyone out there who will be able to do more for me. I am 30 years old - and I already go to pain management. I would appreciate any help! I live near Cleveland OHIO - if you know of anyone who specializes in adhesions - please contact me.

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