Abdominal adhesions recently cut from bowel area during abdominal hysterectomy.

From: Millie (milliem@citlink.net)
Fri Feb 16 19:44:44 2001

On Jan.29,2001, I had a TAH, and the ob/gyn cut adhesions from around the bowel area. I have been having more pain than ever and more bowel problems, pain before, during, and after small bowel movements, or loose stool. The pain never lets up. The ob/gyn snipped the adhesions with Metzenbaum scissors, and placed Interceed. Now I find out the organs she removed were in good shape, and I didn't need that done. I have one ovary left. I asked her if I could already have adhesions reformed in the abdomen. She said no. Then she looked in my past history from the gastro's office, and told me it's not from the surgery, but from Irritable Bowel. I know it isn't , because I know what those IBS symptoms are like - a lot different from these. She called me her colicky baby. The gastro's nurse practitioner told me they've done every test on me, and found nothing. I told him that was before I had major abdominal surgery. He still insisted it is IBS. I'm fighting a losing battle. I have lost at least 15 lbs. I'm only about 101lbs., if even. I want to eat, but it feels as if everything is welded together, and I can only do small stools, or loose, with constant pain. I can't go on like this much longer. I don't know what else to do. I don't want to end up with an intestinal obstruction once, let alone more. I am afraid of ending up with an ostomy, and I can't deal with it. Thanks for listening to me. Are there any others out there with this same poblem? How did it affect you? Repeated intestinal obstructions? Repeated surgeries to try to correct an ongoing problem, only to find out that adhesions still return? Is there a Dr. out there willing to help me? I live in N.Y. State. I can't take the pain much more. Millie M.

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