Thank God......Hellooooooo

From: Debbie J. Smith (
Thu Feb 15 09:17:22 2001

Oh my Gosh I am so thrilled to have found this web site and all of you!! Please know that this is the first time in 4 years of terrible suffering that I truly (crying hard)know my diagnosis. So many doctors have told me such hurtful and ridiculous nonsense!(even that I was suffering from a "birth defect" the MRI's "proved it" can you believe that???) My third ob/gyn claimed endometiosis and scheduled a total hysterectomy.....this took place only three weeks ago on the 26th of January. A procedure that normally took only one took my doctor almost four hours to cut my uterus away from my bladder because he said they were "meshed together like superglue" from adhesions from my previous C-sections. Of course he poked holes in my bladder and had to suture that up as well (I just got the catheter out) By the way....pathology showed not one cell of endometiosis.....but I'm sterile now anyway....thanks doc Please help me.... because now that I know what my trouble was I am so scared that my symptoms will return tenfold due to this hysterectomy.....I have two fantastic kids that are depending on me (crying really hard now).... I thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to read this felt really good to write....

God Bless, Debbie Smith

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