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From: Teresa Waldrop (
Thu Feb 15 09:55:08 2001

Welcome to our loving group. I am so glad that you found us. I had a complete hysterectomy November of 1997. At that time I felt that it was my only option to rid myself of pain. Well, I'm still hurting. I do know of some women that had hysterectomies and are doing great years afterwards, but I know of more that aren't better(some even worse) after having it done. Please try all other options before going through with it. Get a second or even a third opinion. Maybe you could see the specialists in PA or Germany to see what they think would be best for you. I wish that I had known about this group before having my done. I've had 5 surgeries for adhesions since then. Please know that we are all here for you and that you will be added to my prayer list. There are a lot of extremely knowledgeable people here that can answer your questions or point you in the correct direction. Again I say welcome to my home away from home, where I find comfort and understanding. - Teresa

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> Oh my Gosh I am so thrilled to have found this web site and all of you!!
> Please know that this is the first time in 4 years of terrible suffering
> that I truly (crying hard)know
> my diagnosis. So many doctors have told me such hurtful and ridiculous
> nonsense!(even that I was suffering from a "birth
> defect" the MRI's "proved it" can you believe that???)
> My third ob/gyn claimed endometiosis and scheduled a total
> hysterectomy.....this took place only three weeks ago on the
> 26th of January. A procedure that normally took only one
> took my doctor almost four hours to cut my uterus away from my bladder
> because he said they were "meshed together like superglue" from
> adhesions from
> my previous C-sections. Of course he poked holes in my bladder and had
> to suture that up as well (I just got the catheter out) By the
> way....pathology showed not one cell
> of endometiosis.....but I'm sterile now anyway....thanks doc
> Please help me.... because now that I know what my trouble was I am so
> scared that my symptoms will return tenfold due to this
> hysterectomy.....I have two fantastic kids that are depending on me
> (crying really hard now)....
> I thank each and every one of you who have taken the time to read this
> felt really good to write....
> God Bless,
> Debbie Smith

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