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From: Pam Markford (
Wed Feb 14 23:52:25 2001

u, 15 Feb 2001, Renae Rickard wrote: Dearest Renae, We All Warmly welcome you to the Adhesion web page. We all are here to encourage and support others in the best way we know how and that is by extending a helping hand whenever possible. I have some important questions of you if you donít mind: 1. Do you have confidence in the doctor that you are seeing in his/hers ability to help you in whatever way that they can? 2. Ask your doctor if he/she would be willing to also look into our web site for the latest technology and most updated support in the field of adhesion recognition, treatment, pain management and possible preventative techniques. Also find out if your doctor would be willing to talk to one of our adhesion specialist: Dr. Reich/Dr. Redan /Dr. Gerhart and over in Germany Dr. Korell? 3. Make sure that your doctor is a strong believer that adhesions can and do cause debility pain at times. 4. Continue to ask and ask! Look up all of the additional web sites that have been mentioned in on our web page. 5. Start to gather on your own any and all of your medical history. Previous surgeries any pathology reports blood reports, x-ray results and CT scan- reports.

Please feel free to email me at the above email address if there is anything that I might be able to further assist you with! have a great day and realize that your prayers are starting to be answered by finding the web page!

In Loving Friendship,
     Pam Markford

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