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From: Karla (
Wed Feb 14 15:43:01 2001

Just wanted to let everyone know that I AM here. I got my new computer last week and did get a message in, but ended up in the hospital on Friday for urosepsis as usual. Friday afternoon I was moved to ICU because my blood pressure had escalated so much and they couldn't control it. Sunday they told me I had pneumonia on top of everything. I am now home....testing the waters. I still feel pretty bad. I am going to spend the night at a local hotel with a jacuzzi in the room.....just to get away.....get some sleep and have some time to myself. I will try to get back to everyone soon.


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> HI > I am new to this forum. I have had adhesions since 1995. I have had 5 > surgies to remove them - "Lysis" and the most recent on Nov. 30th, > 2000. I am hurting again. My back is the worst, and the left abdominal > side. What do we do? > Keep having surgeries, or just do pain medicines? I hate to go back to > the doctor again. Should I look into a pain specialist Doctor? > Has anyone gottten disability with this condition? Is it hard too? > Please any info will be gladly accepted and very thank ful ! I am > desperate. > Thank You > TIMMERRI >

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