Special Tool

From: jenny low (jenklow@hotmail.com)
Wed Feb 14 15:00:53 2001

Hi all,

I am having surgery Friday. I just came from my pre-op visit to my doctor. I just love my doctor! I know Helen wanted to know what the name of the "special tool" that found he plans on using in my surgery is. It is called a "Harmonic Scappel"(I think I spelled that wrong! Sorry!). He said it generates less heat and so it is supposed to keep the adhesions from reforming. I found out that they have used Interceed, Intergel, Seprafilm along with the Hyskon in my past surgeries. None of these have worked for me. They are going to try to do this surgery with a special type of laparascope too. Please pray it will work this time and that it will be the last time. I told my doctor about this message board. I told him that alot of doctors don't believe that adhesions cause pain. He said he knew that. I told him that they were stupid to think that. He said unexperienced. He told me that he has adhesions himself from having his gall bladder removed. He said he can feel it and sometimes it hurts worse than at other times. Then he said he couldn't imagine having it in the lower part of his body like most of us have. I was kind of glad that he told me he has adhesions because now I know he is truly understanding. He asked me what kind of pain medicine worked best for me and all. I thank God I have a good doctor. I can surely recommend him to anyone in the Houston, Texas area if any one is in need of a good doctor here. I am looking forward to getting this over with.

I wish all of you pain free days. I hope you feel good enough to be able to do something special with the one you love today. Happy Valentine's Day.

Love to you all, Jenny

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